Use a candlestick that is the right size for the candle. Secure the candle up right making sure it doesn't wobble, and light it in a place out of reach of wind and breezes.


While the candle is burning, cut the black burnt part of the wick down to adjust the size of the flame. A specialist wick trimmer is recommended for this. Melted wax may splatter if you extinguish the candle by blowing it out.


Warm up wax left on the candlestick with warm water, melt, and rinse. Wipe the candlestick with a soft cloth and make sure to dry the candlestick completely before using it again.


A white powder may appear on the surface of warousoku. This is a trait unique to botanical wax and occurs when the wax crystallizes. It is not a quality defect.


Candles will melt if left in warm places such as a car in summer etc. Store them in cool places out of direct sunlight.


Warousoku burn with a large, bright flame. Keep the candle at a safe distance from other items and do not place flammable items above the candle.