Q. What is the difference between 'Wa-rosoku' and other candles?

A. There are two great differences between 'Wa-rosoku' and other candles. The one is materials, and another is a wick. In general, most of candles are made from paraffin wax but 'Wa-rosoku' is made from plant-derived wax. Our ancestors truly believed that they were a part of nature and led their lives with its grace. Usually, cotton is used for a wick of a candle but 'Wa-rosoku' has a special, hollow wick made of wa-shi paper. The structure allows oxygen to be drawn up from the bottom so that the flame consumes more melted wax thus increasing the combustion power and creating a bright flame.

The left one is cotton wick, and the right one is hollow wa-shi paper wick. 

The noticeable difference of the flame is around 4:00 on this video.