There are three important elements in making Takazawa Japanese candles:
craftsmanship, plant-sourced raw materials, and ethics (social contribution).



Takazawa Candle is committed to preserving the wisdom and ingenuity of traditional Japanese candle making for generations to come.

To make a traditional Japanese candle, we start with the candle's wick. The wick is made by winding dried grass around hollow cord of wa-shi (Japanese paper). The hollow core of the wick allows oxygen to be drawn up from the bottom so that the flame consumes more melted wax, thus increasing the combustion power and creating a powerful flame.

Next we create the candle shape by pouring melted wax into wooden or metallic molds. After the wax has set, we remove it from the mold and finish shaping by hand with a small knife.

We begin the day at the Takazawa Candle factory at 5 AM in winter and 6 o'clock in summer by lighting fires under the kettles to melt the wax. We burn firewood, timber that has been thinned from nearby forests on the Noto peninsula. We use three big pots and three small kettles. We put the raw wax into each pot depending on which type of candles we'll be making that day.


Traditional Japanese candles are made from plant-derived ingredients.

We use wax from the fruit of the Japanese wax tree, lacquer wool nuts, rapeseed, rice bran, and palm trees. It's natural that we would use the bounty of plants familiar to us since ancient times as the raw materials to produce candles.

Branches of Haze (Japanese lacquer) tree in the summer
Branches of Haze (Japanese lacquer) tree in the summer


We value ethical and social contributions in crafting traditional Japanese candles.

The traditional Japanese candle is made from a combination of traditional technologies and industries. For example, Japanese paper (wa-shi) is used to produce wicks. Wa-shi is made from using traditional ingredients such as the bark fiber of paper mulberry (kosho) and oriental Paper bush (mitsumata) plants. For wax, the fruit of the Japanese wax tree is harvested, ground and boiled to extract the wax. Today, the future of such traditional industries and technologies is in danger. By continuing to use these materials, we contribute to the survival of traditional industries and technologies while supporting the conservation of nature that provide the raw materials.

Thinning from Noto Peninsula we use
Thinning from Noto Peninsula we use


The flame of a traditional Japanese candle is powerful and flickering. Lighting a candle may call to mind your ancestors and those who are far away. Perhaps the flickering of the flame feels like it is speaking to us.

We at Takazawa Candle hope you will light our candles to create a special time for yourself in everyday life. For example, to make time for yoga and meditation that calm mind and body. Or after coming home, you may light a candle to release the stress of the day.

Brighten your day, and warm your heart by our candles.